Perei 95 Series bulb lamp
Perei 95 Series bulb lamp
Perei 95 Series bulb lamp

95 Series

An ideal replacement for any 95mm lamp, or for new vehicle builds - pre-fitted with weatherproof connectors. A complete range of directional indicators, stop/tail, rear fog and reverse lamps are available to produce a lighting array for both 12v and 24v vehicles.

Opticulated lens

Pack ref Item code Voltage Type Lens colour
FL24OPT 12V/24V/LB Front directional indicator Amber
FL424OPT 12V/24V/LB Front directional indicator Clear
FL25OPT 12V/24V/LB Rear directional indicator Amber
SL9OPT 12V/24V/LB Stop/tail lamp Red
RL800OPT 12V/24V/LB Reverse lamp Clear
RF7OPT 12V/24V/LB Rear fog lamp Red

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2-way or 2-way connectors (model dependent)
ECE approved