Perei M20 LED marker light
Perei M20 LED marker light
Perei M20 LED marker light

M20 Series

Classically styled, featuring all-LED optics and unbeatable reliability, the M20 Series of LED marker lights is available in both 12v and 24v versions.

Pack ref Item code Voltage Type Lens colour
F164 SM20ALED-450-12V Side marker 12V Amber
F166 RM20ALED-450-12V Rear marker 12V Red
F167 FM20ALED-450-12V Front marker 12V Clear
F159 SM20ALED-450-24V Side marker 24V Amber
F158 RM20ALED-450-24V Rear marker 24V Red
F157 FM20ALED-450-24V Front marker 24V Clear
F707 SM20VV-2000 Side marker 9-28V Amber
F708 RM20LED-2000-VV Rear marker 9-28V Red
F709 FM20LED-2000-VV Front marker 9-28V Clear

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450mm cable
2000mm cable (9-28v models)
ECE approved