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To make full use of the features on our websites, your computer, tablet or mobile phone will need to accept cookies, as we can only provide you with certain personalised features of this website by using them.

Our cookies don’t store sensitive information such as your name, address or email details. They are used to look at users how arrived at, and browse our web site and to track any technical issues you might have using Google Analytics.

However, if you’d prefer to restrict, block or delete cookies from LITE-wire, or any other website, you can use your browser to do this. Each browser is different, so check the ‘Help’ menu of your particular browser (or your mobile phone’s handset manual) to learn how to change your cookie preferences.

Here’s a list of the main cookies we use, and what we use them for. We believe transparency is important so we’ve taken the time to explain each one in simple terms, while giving a clear understanding of its purpose.

__utma, __utmb, __utmc and __utmz cookies
These cookies enable the function of Google Analytics and its tool. This software helps us collect and analyse visitor information such as browser usage, new visitor numbers and response to marketing activity.

That information helps us to improve the website and your shopping experience, and to make our marketing campaigns relevant. This data is retained for a maximum period of 26 months from the point of entry onto our web site, with some only lasting until you leave the website.

The data stored by these cookies can be seen only by the relevant teams within the company, our appointed direct marketing agents and Google and never shows any confidential information.


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