Perei Lighting from LITE-wire

iLS & relays

Choose from our range of flasher relays and iLS lamp detection products to complete your installation.

Pack ref Item code Voltage Type Lens colour
ECO103-6-3-AA 12V 3-pin flasher relay (iLS) N/A
ECO106-6-9-AA 12V iLS lamp detection pulse N/A
ECO107-7-9-AA 24V iLS Lamp detection pulse N/A
ECO108-7-9-AA 12V 4-pin flasher relay (140w iLS) N/A
ECO109-7-9-AA 24V 3-pin flasher relay (90w iLS) N/A
ECO110-7-9-AA 24V 4-pin flasher relay (140w iLS) N/A

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Not applicable
ECE approved