Perei M60 LED marker light
Perei M60 LED marker light
Perei M60 LED marker light

M60 Series

Compact, yet with incredible LED performance, the M60 Series of LED marker lights are dual-voltage for all applications (9-28v)

Pack ref Item code Voltage Type Lens colour
F606 FM60WLED-001-2000-VV 9-28V Front marker Clear
F608 RM60WLED-001-2000-VV 9-28V Rear marker Red
F610 AM60WLED-001-2000-VV 9-28V ABS marker Green
F607 FM60WLED-002-500-VV 9-28V Front marker Clear
F609 RM60WLED-002-500-VV 9-28V Rear marker Red
F611 AM60WLED-002-500-VV 9-28V ABS marker Green
F600 FM60SSLED-001-VV 9-28V Front marker Clear
F602 RM60SSLED-001-VV 9-28V Rear marker Red
F604 AM60SSLED-001-VV 9-28V ABS marker Green

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500mm or 2000mm cable
Superseal connector (option)
ECE approved