Hanson Cement lorry fitted with blind spot safety system

LGV lighting & control systems

Combining our LED lighting products with the PULSE modular control system can provide innovative, yet highly robust and reliable electrical solutions for commercial vehicles.

LITE-wire and the standard PEREI range of LED lighting products are commonly used throughout the commercial vehicle industry due to their long life and reliability in such harsh applications. By incorporating the control features of the PULSE modular multiplexing system in combination with these well proven LED lighting products, innovative safety features can be added whilst also benefiting from the inherent installation and maintenance benefits of PULSE.

PULSE systems can provide lighting features simply not available on any other system, ranging from side markers that can function as side indicators during turning manoeuvres, or even operate as beacons in hazardous situations. Auto engaging hazard lamps when selecting reverse gearing is a standard feature and this same lighting system can be extended to power nearly all auxiliary electrical equipment and provide control of PTO, E-STOP and key-out engine running (runlock), if required.

As the requirement for operating safety becomes ever more stringent, the PULSE lighting and control system is fully expandable and future proofs the vehicles of today for tomorrow's operational and legislative requirements.